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Mike Kerner Scholarship

A Scholarship honoring Mike Kerner


Recipients must meet the following criteria: Students wishing to further their education (not necessarily college), students who have exhibited interest in sports, (not always as a participant) and students not receiving other scholarships.
Application process with the Arcola High School, with the Kerner Family making the final decision.

Allen Roberts Memorial Fund

This scholarship honors U.S. Marine Corporal Allen C. Roberts


Provides financial support to any group or individual serving youth in the Arcola Community to promote growth and leadership among the young people of Arcola.
Requests can be mailed to Allen Roberts Fund Selection Committee, c/o Sue Stout, PO Box 112, Arcola, IL 61910 no later than April 15th.

Harold & Doris Chaney Family Fund

A scholarship in memory of Harold Chaney.

Need Based

To assist unexpected personal needs of elementary students as determined by the Arcola Elementary Principal.
To request assistance please contact the Arcola Elementary Principal.

Mike Poulos Sr. Loan Fund

Educational Loan


One or more loans to Arcola graduates and one or more to a Mike Poulos Jr. decedent each year. If recipient graduates from college in 4 years, 1/2 of the loan is forgiven and the other half is interest free.

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Covalt/Knaus Scholarship Loan Fund

Educational Loan Fund


A loan to a graduating Arcola High School senior (a) in upper 20% of class, (b) has financial need, (c) high moral standards, and (d) has the potential for finishing college. Previous recipients can reapply each year.

Student Council Scholarship

Based on service and need


This scholarship is based on service and need. Any high school senior is eligible to apply but Student Council members who have served at least 2 years are to be given preference. They must be accepted by a recognized institution of higher learner.

Jeff Whipple Scholarship Fund

Yearly scholarship


Nominations for recipients of funds shall be submitted by the following:
Superintendent, Arcola Community School
Principal, Arcola High School

Sopha E. Heil Scholarship

Teaching Degree Scholarship


Four graduating seniors in Douglas Co. (Arcola, Arthur, Tuscola and Villa Grove)
Recipients chosen by High School Principal or Guidance Counselor.

Gwen Boyd Memorial Fund

A scholarship in memory of Gwen Marie Boyd.


Cash award each year to a senior graduating from either Arcola, Arthur or Tuscola High School.

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10% of American Funds year end valuation

A scholarship to 4 or less graduating seniors from Arcola High School to be applied toward costs and expenses of continuing education. Priority is based on need.

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Emilee Mathias Memorial Scholarship

A Scholarship in memory of Emilee Mathias.


A scholarship to a graduating Arcola High School senior seeking a 2 or 4 year degree in the designated field of Special Education, Child Care or Agriculture.

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Carroll Moore Memorial Fund

A Scholarship to honor Carroll V. Moore


One or more scholarships per year to an Arcola High School senior who is active in church (first priority given to a First Presbyterian Church member) who plans to further his/her education.

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Arcola Foundation Scholarship

This Scholarship honors Modesta Scott

Based on Interest Earned as of July 1 each yr.

Recipients of the Arcola Foundation Modesta Scott Scholarship will be the current year's Illinois State Scholars who graduate from Arcola High School and who have attended Arcola High School for their junior and senior years.